Attorney at Law


CHRISTI HILL received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Distinction in Political Science from San Diego State University. During her undergraduate career, Ms. Hill interned with the Jury Selection Specialist at the San Diego Federal Defenders. She then received her Juris Doctor from California Western School of Law. In addition to being a member of the Employment & Labor Law Society, Ms. Hill was a Distinguished Advocate for the Lynch Appellate Oral Argument Competition.


After being admitted to the State Bar of California, Ms. Hill began her practice as a civil litigation attorney focusing on employment and family law. During that time, she handled a wide variety of claims and gained experience with drafting legal documents, negotiation and discovery. She also made numerous appearances including Request for Orders, Family Resolution Conferences, Criminal Arraignments, Sentencings, Domestic Violence Restraining Order Hearings and Labor Commissioner Trials. Ms. Hill also has experience attending Case Management Conferences, Orders to Show Cause hearing and Ex Parte hearings.

Ms. Hill has been practicing Workers’ Compensation Law since 2014. She has successfully represented clients at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board including appearances at Mandatory Settlement Conferences, Priority Conferences, Status Conferences, Expedited Hearings and Trials. She recently secured a favorable Opinion on Decision and Order that paved the way for a Replacement Panel. Her aggressive litigation style and strong negotiation skills have helped her secure many favorable settlements for clients over the years.

In her free time, Ms. Hill enjoys running, spending time with family, friends and her dog Boo.

Ms. Hill is an attorney in the San Diego office of Samuelsen, Gonzalez, Valenzuela and Brown.