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In our practice, we place special emphasis on two areas: cost management and client relations. We understand the importance of cost control in the management of cases prior to settlement or trial. The firm is committed to recommending the most practical, cost effective, and legally sound resolution of claims. We assist the employer in managing the financial impact of on-the-job injuries, through the professional resolution of claims as well as loss prevention consultation. We can also offer appropriate training, assistance, and educational seminars to your staff.

The firm is committed to providing excellent service in terms of services rendered, client responsiveness, and cost management. This commitment is reflected in our legal staff, which has demonstrated consistent achievement in the area of Workers’ Compensation. Attorneys and staff have been chosen by the firm for their technical skills, as well as their ability to manage clients’ needs in a timely and cost effective manner. We remain committed to maintaining the firm’s image and reputation for superior performance. In terms of client relations, our status reports and timely client contacts assist with prompt, informed decisions. Our courteous and efficient support staff promotes communication, and consistent internal file administration.