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Education: UCSD with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies, with a concentration in Political Science. She pursued her Juris Doctorate from the University of San Francisco School of Law where she received a certification in Intellectual Property law. She was admitted to the California Bar in 2023.

Background: Before law school, Tabina worked at a University in Santiago, Chile, where she taught English and immersed herself in a new cultural landscape. This experience honed her empathy and cultural awareness, qualities that now shape her legal approach.

During law school, this passion for exploring different perspectives led her to complete an internship at a law firm in Paris, France, where she gained invaluable insights into international law practices.

She has a publication in the Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal. Titled: “Food for Thought: The Scope of Intellectual Property Protection in the Food Industry”, the article explores the legal framework surrounding innovations in food technology and the extent at which the law as it exists protects such.

Now a member of our defense team, Tabina is committed to leveraging her skills and expertise to provide effective representation to our clients. With her dedication to thorough preparation and zealous advocacy, Tabina is ready to make a meaningful impact in the field of worker’s compensation defense.

Whether our clients are facing disputed claims or navigating complex legal challenges, Tabina is here to provide strategic guidance and tenacious defense every step of the way.